Sunday, June 27, 2021

Crusades Part 3?

      I have painted up a tremendous amount of Crusader era miniatures (and lost count of the number of posts I've done) for someone who enjoys large collections. This group is another round of both mounted knights and mounted sergeants. Soon I will add some more dismounted knights and a couple more groups of the military orders. I have already done some Teutonic Knights and the Templars but I have the knights of St. John and St Lazarus still to post. As with all the other Crusader posts the owner will provide the basing for these. The biggest challenge was I want to keep each Knight figure somewhat distinct from each other and as I have painted dozens of them now it does become a little more difficult to accomplish and why the military orders are easier to do when mass numbers are wanted. Again as my intention always is with posting pics hopefully others who need ideas for their own collections of this period can garner some ideas. The first group of photos are of the knights with the last group of photos the mounted sergeants. On an aside I have seemed finally to reach a proper balance of lighting and distance to more accurately represent the figures which I have long struggled to do. Far too many of my posts range from too dark then too bright producing pics that one could not make out the figure well or so bright that it over emphasized color transitions. Eventually I do plan to re edit and re post many of my earlier photos that I was unhappy with with better pics. Never realized photos would require the effort and experimentation that it has. 


Gonsalvo said...

Looking good. I have a substantial number of similar Knights to refurb from another gamer's collection, so some of the pattern ideas may prove quite useful!

Oregon painter said...

I hope they do! generally that’s the intent for posting pics….provide pictorial help
that others can use.