Sunday, April 12, 2015

Welcome to the blog of all things 28 in metal

The intention of this blog is to hopefully provide a world of inspiration for all war gamers and collectors of wargaming miniatures. Nothing so encourages one than to gaze upon the work of others. 
Hopefully some of you can gain ideas for paint schemes for your own collections or see how different  
manufacturers miniatures look when painted up. Sometimes, one likes to view how an army can appear after it is painted up before one takes the plunge in purchasing. Other times what choice of colors for uniforms (especially when colors are open to interpretation for uniforms) or shield colors and designs for the ancient/medieval period can be used for assistance in the painting of ones own miniatures. This site will also contain miniatures for sale as I've been known to paint some miniatures 
just to see how they would look in the flesh with no real intention to game that period. I'm also open
to painting for others to the same standards as my miniatures have been painted. I have no set price 
just make me an offer of what you can afford to pay. Some of us have small disposable incomes and if my services can be used and you like my painting style I would be honored to assist just let me know I'm sure we can agree on something that works. Hope you enjoy the blog