Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lioin Rampant continued

Now for the black tree design miniatures. Overall both these and the Curteys I was impressed with, painted up easily with a very nice look to them when completed. I know black tree offers some nice deals from time to time so the cost for the miniatures is quite favorable. Not certain how much the
Curteys run, but size and style wise fit very well with the black tree and looked quite well paint up.
My apologies i should of showed a comparison pic of both the black tree and Curteys but near
identical in size they are.

Lion Rampant Knights of Jerusalem

Recently completed a painting commission of 6 mounted, 24 men at arms, 12 lowly infantry, and 12 archers the theme being the Knights of Jerusalem. The miniatures comprise a mix of black tree
design and Curteys. All the miniatures below are the Curteys. The miniatures will be based by the owner and the pics do not include the entire commission just a sampling for reference for any one
curious as to how Curteys looked painted up. There is a color theme that was used on both the knights and men at arms; that being blue, white, and yellow being the predominate colors of his choice. The shield designs were hand painted using a yellowish gold color as i preferred a different tint than straight yellow or straight gold.