Sunday, December 26, 2021


     All the figures are from The foundry and have been painted on behalf of another individual who will provide the basing. The Scythians are a little unique in terms of painting complexity as they would of worn a variety of different color clothing (they made use of brighter colors) but intrinsic designs were common. I kept it as simple as possible as the total count is 24 figures and extreme detail would take a great deal of time to ever bring these to the finished line. But as always I do want to capture the visual style and appearance to a certain degree that would of existed historically. The Scythians also made much use out of gold often as plating for equipment and that was added onto their arrow bags. 

Assyrian auxiliary infantry

    These figures probably need no introduction as they have been around for decades by Wargame Foundry and still represent the better 25/28 (they are more 25 in size) biblical time frame in existence. These are temporary mounted on bases as they are painted for someone else who will provide the basing. He asked for variety of color schemes and shield colors something which would fit the historical appearance of such forces. Red and blues were known colors for the Assyrians but an uniform appearance would be more fitting for the standing army units not so much for the auxiliary units. I still intermixed red and blue colors with plenty of off whites/creams and such with additional patterns added in on the cloth. Iron was often used by this time in history both for the helmets and spearpoints but some bronze armor would not be out of placed. 


       I still need to find out who the manufacturer is for these figures. I have never seen them before and added them for future reference. I will update when the owner identifies them.

Footsore Normans

      I apologize for no new posts for some time. Much of my painting has involved other periods outside the ancient/dark age time frame for others and I decided not to post pictures of. The overall intention is to keep the majority of the postings within this specific time frame with some unusual periods thrown in. At any rate these are all Footsore miniatures and the nice thing about painting Normans is pretty straightforward. Lots of chainmail with not to difficult shield designs needed (one does not necessary need to use a bunch of shield transfers if one wants to save a few dollars) making it a fairly quick force to paint up. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Crusades part 4

    These will be the last of the Crusades project I have been painting for sometime now that I will post. Again, none of these are for me but painted on behalf of another individual who will provide the basing. Hopefully for those who are always looking for some ideas for colors, shield patters, or barding painting combinations there will be something of use in these to aid those interested. I know it became quite the challenge as I painted up somewhere in the ballpark of 75 different knights and wanting not ever to duplicate it can become quite challenging. 

Italian CTV

      Some painted pics of the Italians who fought in the Spanish civil war. During the SCW the Italians raised an expeditionary force to Spain to assist Franco against the Spanish Republic known as the Corp of Volunteer Troops (CTV) that would eventually number some 70,000 men. These figures are all by Empress and every one is well sculpted and very easy to paint up. The owner will provide the basing and I know he bases each up individually. Though this blog is primary for ancient/dark age related material I was not able to find much in terms of painted figures of the CTV forces and decided I would post for those who enjoy or game this particular pei