Sunday, July 25, 2021

Knights Hospitaller


   Back to the Crusades with another order of knights and their sergeants. The Knights Hospitaller  are of course known for being clad in black with white crosses shaped with 8 points to them. I kept the highlights limited as I wanted that dark black appearance to them. The highlights I did where done by adding some pink to the black. I prefer pink to lighten up black as using a grey or a white to do so gives too much of a greyish look (not that that is can fade to a darkish grey) but pink being darker than white gave the look I wanted. I have also included some pics of both a mounted and dismounted Richard the Lionheart that I did as well. Colors are speculative I chose what I felt like using as well as shield design choice. These figures as all of the Crusader figures I have been painting up are for another individual who will do the basing



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