Sunday, May 1, 2022


    More medieval Swiss figures in the popular colors of yellow and black. For the yellow I went for stronger contrast on the yellow choosing two reaper paints sunrise orange for the base coat then using lantern yellow as the main yellow. For the final highlight I just added some white to the mix.

Assyrian heavy archers and command figures

   These images include both command figures and some heavier archers. The figure labelled as the King I am not sure who the manufacturer is as I have never seen him before. The majority of the figures are Foundry. Side note I should of mentioned for all the Assyrians I painted I used reaper paints for the flesh tone...the bronze skin triad.

figure on far left is an the Assyrian King 

figure in the middle is an Assyrian King

Assyrians auxiliary archers

      These of course are figures from Foundry representing the auxiliary archers. Colors were varied as would be typical of the Assyrians though some regular units may have used a common color with red and blue being popular.



     First things first its been too long since my last posts. Painting wise I have actually painting more figures than normal but that is related to doing several projects for others causing personal progress to be minimal. However, I have decided to add some pics of various items I have done that are related to the ancient/dark age time frame.  First one....some Vikings