Sunday, October 14, 2018

Old Glory Goth/Lombard Cavalry

   These figures are from Old Glory and can pass as either Goth or Lombard heavy cavalry.
I have no intent on keeping these as I chose to paint these for fun. So putting these up for
sale 135 dollars total includes shipping.

A&A Cretan archers

      Some recently painted miniatures I did for someone who is building a later
Macedonian army. These figures have been around for some time from A&A and
like all of the miniatures A&A offer are quite nice. Cretans were noted for wearing red
so went with that color...actually an off red closer to a madder red but they seem to look
appropriate. On a side note not only were the Cretans noted for their ability with the
bow but were also known for being able to fight at close quarters with their swords also.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Saxon Huscarls

    These are some Crusader Saxon huscarls I painted for fun... now posting to sell as I
have no intention to build a Saxon army...but beautiful miniatures they are. Price is 6 dollars
a piece ideally would like to sell them all for 144 not including shipping for those interested.

Spanish Scutarri

   These miniatures are a mix of both Crusader and A&A Punic era Spanish infantry. They
are some left over figures I had that I painted for someone else hence them being not based. I will be painting at least 50 plus additional miniatures as part of an ongoing project for this individual to build a Spanish army. Terrific figures they are both Crusader and A&A  and matching size wise identically. The Spanish were known for their white uniform look with contrasting hem colors. I'm not certain if he will want them all in white as I add figures
but they do look nice as such.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sassanian Cavalry for sale

  I have 8 extra figures that I do not need so I'm shopping them off for a home. The price
is 95 dollars which include shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Goths Infantry.

  The following  are models comprised from both Gripping Beast and Footsore miniatures.
Size wise they fit fine and both manufacturers provided excellent service to the states in
a timely matter. The Footsore models do require having their hands drilled out to attach
the weapons which I actually prefer. They dont break off so easily. I will be be adding to
these forces over the year for certain.

Sassanian Generals

   I have 3 command stands of commanders for my mounted force. Two of them are
Aventine models the other one is Gripping Beast. Note they are much bigger figures
than the A&A and Aventine models but are still quite nice in of themselves.

The middle stand are the Gripping Beast figures the other two Aventine

Sassanian Immortal Cavalry 2 unit

   This is the second unit that will comprise my Immortal Cavalry force. Again these are all
Aventine models. I can finally say mission accomplished. Nearly 160 mounted Sassanian
cavalry were painted it was both a very rewarding and a demanding task to finish but I
really like how they all turned out. Eventually I will post a collective pic of them all in a
group photo.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

3rd Century A&A Middle Period Romans

        To oppose the Sassanians I went with not much to anyone's surprise Romans. There
are many periods one could choose (I intend to do all the periods) but for the middle period these would include the battles of Ctesiphon (233 CE), Misiche (244 CE), Barbalissos (253 CE),  Edessa-Carrhae 260 CE), and Galerius (295 CE).  Theres also the invasion of the
later Roman period as well as the wars against the early Byzantine empire to be covered at a later time. The battles I mention cover the time frame of the miniatures depicted below and some of them were quite large battles resulting in some horrendous losses and defeats for the Romans. Sometime in the future I hope to go into a little depth of these battles and some considerations for their representation on the table top. I plan on painting a largish
group of these 200 foot or so along with a large mounted contingent. They will suffice to
depict some of the campaigns and battles against the Goths during the time of 250-260CE
also. The figures are all A&A figures and quite easy to paint up. The helmets I spent extra
time on as they entailed the very deep napes and reinforced cross-pieces that were
used during this time period. Shields would of been mostly lightly dished oval shaped
but for at least this first unit I went with some variety (looked nice) of substituting some
rectangular shaped ones as well. The tunics painted as linen, pants a off blueish tone,
belts both a maroon for the heavier wider belt and leather color for the smaller ones.

Sassanian Infantry

   My last post regarding the Sassanian infantry I mention my choice to represent two types
of infantry those levied who lack much training apart from those who were equipped with
armor and had some degree of training. I was originally going to use two units but after
some consideration decided to go for one larger unit. Reasoning was the power of mass
and numbers to help inspire any type of confidence in those who would need it most made
the most sense to me. So I went with one block of 32 figures I have included some separate
pics of the additional 16 figures along with a group shot of all of them. These are all A&A
miniatures and Gripping Beast. Soon I will post the Aventine sculpts which are nearing
completion to round out the heavier infantry arm of Sassanian Spah.

Sassanian Javidan (Immortals) Cavalry unit 1

   The Immortals known as the Javidan were the most prestigious of the elite units within
the Savaran of the Sassanian Spah. Recruitment came from the troops who had shown
superior fighting skill and valor on the battlefield and were used to set the example for
the rest of Savaran cavalry. These men would of been the best equipped with the best
armor of the entire Sassanian cavalry. My personal opinion is that if any troops of the
Sassanians had any appearance of uniform color it would be these units. For my choice
of table top presentation I went with miniatures that were more heavily armored almost
more of a Cataphract look to them. Why I choose this over using less armor but an
uniform choice of colors?  I just like the appearance they gave but either choice would of
worked. I have two units of 16 figures all Aventine and the pics below is the first of the
two units. My next post will include the other unit with mounted command stands. I
have painted nearly 150 plus probably the most work I have ever encountered of any
miniatures I have painted and I'm an certainly glad it is almost complete.