Sunday, February 11, 2018

28mm Byzantine Cavalry (new range of miniatures)

     The following are some miniatures that were kindly sent to me by Perris Cooley.
A quick back ground he was the individual who sculpted Old Glory's 15mm Franco
Prussian range of miniatures. Like myself he has a deep interest in the Byzantine
period and has begun sculpting some 28mm Byzantines. He sent me his first 12
mounted figures he had done. They included 4 Kataphraktoi on fully armored horse,
4 thematic/tagmatic front rank lance figures & 4 rear rank bow armed figures. I know he has
plans to add command figures and infantry as well. His plan is to sell them publicly
at some point and I imagine when that happens there be some type of announcement
probably on TMP when that takes place. As a side note his brother is sculpting a line
of 28mm Franco-Prussian figures which will be marketed as well. The miniatures are
quite nice, take paint easily and the Kataphraktoi horse armor is very well done. They
have closed hands which require to be drilled out which I prefer providing a solid
hold of the weapon. The casting themselves included plenty of variety. I have included
plenty of side and rear angle pics and did a couple comparison pics with both Gripping
Beast and Crusader miniatures for a size comparison. 

                    Gripping Beast on the left, Crusader on the right

                   Gripping Beast on the left, Crusader on the right.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Old Glory Bulgar & Avar light cavalry

   The following pics is a mix of Old Glory Avar and Bulgar light cavalry. I like the variety
these miniatures provide to my Steppe army and I have included a comparison pic to
both the Wargames Foundry Huns and Aventine Steppe Cavalry figures for anyone who
desires a comparison view. This unit brings the total of light cavalry to 48 figures and
I'm still undecided if I should add one more unit. Next month I will begin another unit
of the Steppe nobles to bring their numbers also up to 48 figures which will join the 160
Slavic foot.
 The four middle figures are Old Glory. To the right are Foundry Huns and on the left are     Aventine miniatures.

 Old Glory in the middle. Foundry on the right Aventine on the left.

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Sassanian Clibanarii #5

     The fifth unit of of my Sassanian cavalry is completed. I will add 2 additional units of
elite Cavalry later this year hopefully by summer which will bring to a close the mounted
arm of this army. The foot are underway in being painted and when the units come together
I will get them posted.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Slav Heavy Infantry

     The following pics comprise some of the 120 figures that I painted up to serve as the
main battle infantry component that would of served with both the Avar and Bulgar armies.
Needless to say they in themselves can comprise a complete army with plenty of historical
opponents also. For my personal needs this is large enough force that will join roughly the
120-140 Steppe cavalry I have. Some notes on the Slavs they mostly would of been
without armor armed primarily with javelins and axes (the 2 handed type) which was a popular weapon put into use. I mention this as my collection of figures do include a fair
amount of mailed armored figures, one handed axe and spear in a standing static pose.
The miniatures I selected to use had the look that I wanted to achieve for the Slavs and
I'm not one to get to bogged down on too many mailed figures or not enough 2 handed
axed armed figures. In any rule set to be used they will be considered unarmored and
armed with short spear/javelin type weapons. As per comments under the bowmen I went
with primarily linen colors (common during this time frame for the Slavs) and added lots of
bordering type colors for contrast. Historical in that regard of contrasts I cant say but it adds extra punch to the appearance of the figures. I included side shots of the shields for those who like ideas on painting dark age figures. I prefer to hand paint shields than use transfers and let my imagination dictate what I want. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Bulgar/Avar Slav archers

       The following pics make up one half of my Slavic infantry that would of fought under
both the Bulgars and Avar forces. The Slavs had the ability to deploy a fair amount of
bow armed infantry in which I have collected a total of 48 figures. The pics do not account
for all 48 but of a sampling  of them. I have also painted nearly a 100 spear armed infantry which will complete the Slavic contingent of my steppe armies. I did choose to go with a paint scheme on these with linen colored clothing which was in much use (some sources indicate over time they would fade into more of a greyish color) during this time frame. I also like to give each dark age army a themed look and using as many creams, off whites, and light grey colors really tied these figures together. Most of the models came from either
Foundry or their off shoot Casting room miniatures Germanic ranges and a few Dacian
range line of miniatures. Later this month I plan on posting the heavier Slavic infantry.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sassanian Clibanarii Units 3 &4

    I've added 2 additional units of Savaran cavalry representing the clibanarii type bringing
the total up to 4 units of 16. Again a mix of both Aventine and A&A miniatures. As mentioned under the cataphract post i do plan on adding some additional elite units
so these represent some of the last of the regular line cavalry I plan on doing. Currently
I have started in on some of the infantry before i paint up the mounted elites mostly for
the break as these miniatures have been somewhat tedious and time consuming to
paint up and looking for a small break. Overall I am very pleased with how both lines mix
and the appearance of how they all look in mass. Eventually when this army nears completion I will add group mass shots for those interested. However, as I have stated
before this blog is more about close up shots of individual miniatures for those who
would like to have ideas or inspiration for the painting of their own collections.

Sassanian cataphracts

     The following are a mix of both Aventine & A&A miniatures. My intent is to either have
a single unit of 16 cataphracts or two units of 12. The difficulty of my decision lies in how
I want to represent some of the elite regiments of the Sassanian Savaran forces. I would
like to add two 12 figure units to represent the Javidan (for those unfamiliar these are
the most prestigious units of the savaran sometimes also referred to as the immortals).
The Javidan would of been very well equipped and I'm leaning toward fully armored riders
mounted on only frontally armored horses. The Sassanians also had the Pushtighbban
(life guardians) which numbered 1000 warriors and probably were a royal unit responsible
for the security of the Sassanian Spah. It is not my plan to represent this unit as of now.
Another elite unit was the Jan-separan (those who sacrifice their lives) that I might choose
to equip as a cataphract unit. If so then the unit below would be the single line unit of