Sunday, June 21, 2020

Foundry Sikh cavalry

           Part of commission project so figures to be based by the owner. These are Foundry
figures that have been around for some time and do hold up well to todays standards.
I will add they do require some extra effort in painting....the amount of horse furniture
requires some additional paint time. Most important was to keep the colors varied so
the rider stands out in contrast from the saddle cloth and harnesses as well as the
needed contrast from the horses themselves. As always I strived to make each
individual rider and mount look as varied as possible from each other.....the constant
challenge when painting up non uniformed figures

Friday, May 22, 2020

1st Corp Romans

  In addition to the Foundry Romans the individual had several command type figures from
1 Corp miniatures. These figures are a tad smaller than many 28mm lines but still very nice
and paint up very quickly. However, with the older Foundry range of Caesarian Romans
size they will fit in just fine. Again, the owner will provide the basing

Viking acrhers

  I almost am always asked to paint up dark age figures on behalf of others.....but as I have
posted a bunch of Vikings and not to be redundant I just choose to post a few archers
off a latest commission project.

Steel Fist Knights

   Another commission project of figures I completed was a small group of Knights from
Steel fist miniatures. I have never seen nor heard of these miniature line before....however
I found them to be quite well done. I used my own choice of colors and chose a darker
armor look. I used Privateer press paint boiler black as the base coat and used a wash
by green stuff world wash ink black. The boiler black is a dark grey/silver metallic that
serves as a base coat for armor and chain mail. I use the black wash from Green stuff
(not their ink intensity set) as it is designed to settle in the recesses and does not really
saturate the surface color. Nice stuff actually....then dry brush steel over the chain mail
or build up on the plate armor surface. I used scale 75 for the armor....I did not choose
to zoom up with camera so close up detail not as sharp as desired.....bad decision and
my apologies

Foundry Caesarian Romans part 2

      This post just includes additional pics to the previous one. One additional command
pic and several group/unit pics.

Foundry Caesarian Romans

   These figures comprise nearly 200 figures I painted up as a commission job. The individual already had a large force of Warlord figures already painted up that he would
use to serve as the back rank to the nicer Foundry figures. I did temp mount some of 
the figures for ease of taking pictures and also to get a visual of how they would 
look in mass. Colors-I used scale 75 paints for the flesh (very nice they are) and on the 
metallics I mixed up the helmet colors quite a bit for some variety using a combo of 
scale 75 metallics and turbo dork metallic paints. The turbo dork range is unique in
their appearance being very glossy/shiny when applied. Scale 75 of course have 
nice metallics in addition to their flesh range. Only issue with scale 75 is some of their
other colors I worry about their durability in terms of regular handling as I have witnessed
some of their colors rub off more easily than I would like to see. Uniforms went with red
for officers, white for standard bearers and musicians, off white for the rank and file. 
I used creature casting paints for the uniforms....Ivory on the linen color tunics, I used 
their golden brown paint to mix in with the ivory for the shade and bright ivory as the
final highlight. First time using this line of paints.....but I found the mix of those 3 for
the tunics worked nice. On the shields he asked for same color and design on all the
figures....all shields are hand painted. I will post the group pics in the next post. I choose
to not zoom in on the figures with the camera....which I now regret for these as
close up detail not as apologies

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Haradim (LOTR)

       I am not sure of the maker of these figures.....they are LOTR Haradim is what they are
called for those familiar with the Lotr world. I know this genre is popular, as I have another
group of mounted knights from another individual on my to do list to paint. At any rate a
commission job and the owner will provide his own basing. The color scheme he also
provided only in some of the minor details did I provide some additional color selection
to go along with the main colors he chose to. The 5 body guard sword armed figures were metal the spear and bow armed were all plastic/resin make. I still found the figures took paint well and over all straight forward to paint.