Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Old Glory Samurai

        After posting pics of a commision project of Gripping Beast Russ I have chosen to use a light box for all photos. Those pics came out dark and these Old Glory figures where the test figures
for it. They are a commision project for someone else who will base and add the weapons
himself. I have never seen any other Samurai miniatures outside of these so I can offer no
comparison thoughts and these were the first Samurai miniatures i have ever painted. I chose
mostly black armor which was the typical color for the Samurai. I also added in darker brown
a few red and one individual in gold armor. I have seen pics of people using a variety of colors
for armor but black, dark brown and red being the most common (i added gold as that was used
but not common). These miniatures did not have any lace detail in the miniature so added in my
own mostly cornflower blue a very common lace color that was used. The miniatures included
plenty of folds with very little flat surfaces which prohibits adding much pattern work to the
clothing so only included it on a couple of figures. Over all I like these figures not to difficult
to paint, a great variety of poses and the poses themselves look right for what one would expect
from a group of samurai warriors. I should add for clothing colors I used my imagination
from osprey drawings and online drawings. I could find no hard info where there preferred
colors used by the Japanese. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gripping Beast Russ Infantry

   Part two of the saga Russ army is the infantry. The miniatures come from their Russ range and
are labelled as city militia. Couple comments on them real quick. First the spearmen have a
closed hand to be drilled out to hold the spear which i really like as they keep them fully lodged
in place. Second, the archers bow and hand had to be attached which i found a pain. Some like to do  this as they add their own twist of variation but it does add more work and raises the
possibility of them coming off. Considering that these miniatures were considered militia I did
not go with an uniform look to these figures. I did make the padded armor on the spear figures
a common color of light cornflower blue and chose to go with dark colored cloaks and lighter
tunic colors for a subdued unified look to them.

Gripping Beast Russ Cavalry

    From time to time I take on commision work for others and the following miniatures is one such
project a saga Russ army. All the miniatures are Gripping Beast the owner will do his own basing
and he provided his own spears and shield transfers for the miniatures. A word on his own spears
they are made out of brass rod are nicely done. Their thick like a casted spear which allows for an
effective look due to the fact that one can detail some painting on them. First up are the cavalry
which comprised two ranges from G.P. both from their Russ range and medieval range of early
Russians of mounted Druzhina. Their is some size difference as you will notice in the pics, the
Druzhina being larger than their earlier range of Russ figures but combining the two ranges does
offer a fair amount of variation in poses. I found both ranges to be very nice miniatures and that
look quite well painted up. I chose not an uniform look, as the mounted nobility should each have
a distinguished look. On the earlier Russ figures the tunics do not contain many folds being 
mostly flat which is ideal for adding embroidery an highly effective look.

in this photo the size difference can be noticed as well as the one below. The inner two miniatures are the Druzhina and the outer two miniatures are from their earlier Russ range. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thematic Byzantines Cavalry

  The dark age period for me is my favorite period when it comes to collecting and painting miniatures and no doubt the Byzantine empire played a huge role in Europe during this time
period. It's a must have army for myself and I never tire of painting them up. Two large ranges
of Byzantines that exist are from  Gripping Beast and Crusader Miniatures. I decided to post a
Mtd unit from each with comparison shots for those who would ever have interest. The one thing
that clearly stands out is the gripping beast miniatures are indeed some what larger and not
 surprising due to their added size have more detail added compared to the crusader line. That being said I'll let the viewer decide which line has the more appeal. Personally, I find no issue using both lines on the table together I just would not mix them into the same unit. The other two issues for people who are contemplating collecting Byzantines from either line would be cost (I do not recall actual cost anyone can do their comparison analysis obviously) and ease of painting. The crusader line I painted up much faster the simplicity of their miniatures was refreshing and they look great I feel without the need of tons of extra detail. This of course is a matter of taste as the Gripping Beast came out nice as well just requires more painting time so it depends on the individual and what he wants to accomplishes in comparison to cost/painting time needed/and final look of the finished product. With that said I tried to include plenty of pics as pictures often say things words cannot.

Crusader Miniatures 

Gripping Beast rear shot

Gripping Beast front shot

Crusdaer on the left Gripping Beast on the right

Gripping Beast Miniatures

Gripping Beast unit shot

Crusader on the left Gripping Beast on the right. In this pic the size difference looks far more prominent

Command figures Crusader on the left Gripping Beast on the right
Crusader rear shot

Gripping Beast Mtd Irish Curaidh

   I had a chance to paint a few figures on behalf of another individual that included 3 Mtd Irish warlord/Curaidh and a dozen foundry Viking archers. Usually I can identify Gripping Beast
miniatures by their sculpting style but these miniatures were not so obvious to me. I have never
painted dark age Irish before so I was excited to have an opportunity to do a few. Personally, I
thought these miniatures took paint very well and I was impressed by how their was plenty
of detail on the horses to bring a life like appearance to them. I would wholly recommend this
line of miniatures to anyone who wanted to collect an Irish warband/army. I also included a few
pics of the Viking archers from foundry a nicely sculpted line of Vikings that I believe really needs
no introduction being around for quite some time now. The Irish miniatures are unarmed as the
owner will attach weapons and shields.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sassanian Clibanarii Cavalry 2nd unit



      This time started out with the pics as this blog is mostly about just that-pics for viewing. These miniatures are as previous post a mix of Aventine and A&A miniatures. I now have 2 units of 16
Asarvan clibanarii cavalry so 1/3 of the  way there. Would love to make faster progress but exceptional detail on these figures and the fact of each figure having its own attire makes for less
than stellar progress.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sassanian Persian cavalry

   About a year ago some one from TMP very kindly passed on quite a few of A&A and Aventine
Sassanian miniatures they had. Its taken me some time to finely get to these miniatures as they
lagged behind both my Later Achaemenid Persian cavalry and Steppe cavalry in line to be
painted. So for the rest of the year the plan is to work thru these miniatures with the intention
to post monthly a new grouping of what I have managed to paint. My aim is have over a hundred
of the mounted arm with another hundred foot at the very least. Considering the intense  
amount of work to painting up these figures a lofty goal indeed but one when finished should look
quite intimating i hope. The figure lines are quite interchangable, as i have mounted some of the
A&A figures on Aventine horse and Aventine on A&A steeds. The initial concentration is on the
Clibanarii cavalry which were the backbone of the Sassanid army being their professional soldiers
supplied by warrior nobles. The amount of work is intensive, the horses alone with all their armor
and decorations taking a fair amount of time to paint. In addition though certain colors were
popular with the Sassanians(crimson, dark and light blue, almond green, various shades of
purple) I do not feel their was any true uniform appearance to their units which in itself increases
the painting time. So with that said onto the pics. I do plan on units of 16 for the clibanarii each
with their own banner to identify each unit for the table top.