Saturday, June 15, 2019

Foundry Vikings

   These are all Foundry vikings for sale. These figures have been around for a while
and certainly hold up being very nice figures. Reds, Leaf Green and blues were
favored by the vikings for colors. Also white, black, scarlet as well as browns/red brown
and creams were common in addition to grey which was a common choice for cloaks.
Shield colors of yellow, red, black, and white where the most popular....and the main
choices used for models. Note: figures are not based only temp mounted for pics will
be detached before sending

Artizan Design Carolingians Cavalry

   Following figures posting that are for sale....I included both a figure of Charlemagne
and a standard bearer....choice of colors noted on the Gripping Beast post. Beautiful
figures these are....I do wish they had bigger hands for gripping the spear/lance only
gripe I have but do enjoy the shields they provided. I mostly opted for one color
for the shield as I understand at least during the early period of the Carolingians
that was most common. Note: figures are not based only temp mounted for pics will
be detached before sending

Gripping Beast Carolingian Cavalry

    Below are the photos of some Gripping Beast figures posting for sale. I have also included a comparison pic next to some Artizan Design Carolingians for those interested
how they relate to each other in style as well as size. I did use some LBMS transfers
with these in addition to hand painted shields (In general I prefer hand painted but
for ease used a few) and went with standard colors. Carolingians were noted for a
preference of scarlet leggings...both white and blue were common tunic colors with
the tunics edged in a contrasting color. Other colors such as yellow, ochre, red
as well as browns and creams were noted. These figures have the closed hands that
have to be drilled which I really like as they give a firm grasp of spear retention from
coming loose. Note: the figures are not based...only mounted for pics they will be detached
before sending.

Gripping Beast on the left Artizan Design on the right

Gripping Beast on left Artizan Design on right

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Aventine Republican Romans

    Aventine miniatures are always nice and very little commentary is really ever needed.
I painted a group of 24 of them for someone else and have included the pics. I did not
go with any shield design....whether the shields were left in a plain color or some type
of design was used during this period is difficult to say. I also went with an off white
linen color for the tunics which simply look reality they were probably a
multiple of colors used for the tunics but an uniform appearance makes the chore of
painting easier and very appealing. Feathers went with crimson...Polybuis mentions
both black and purple feathers (purple probably being more of a crimson color) so
crimson it was.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Crusader Saxon Cavalry & Footsore Arthurian Cavalry

    These items have been painted for an individual who is collecting both an Arthurian army
to go alongside some Saxons. Items he will base only temporary mounted for ease of
taking some quick pictures. I have included one comparison pic of both lines side by side
and size wise the figures are almost an identical match. Shields hand painted....for the
Footsore Arthurian Cavalry went with matching tunics/cloaks and shields to identify them
as an elite unit. Crusader Saxons as everything I have ever seen from Crusader are always
nice figures and the Footsore are becoming some of my favorite figures to paint. Always
superb miniatures and I always prefer the closed hands for the weapon to secure them to
the figure.

saxon cav

Crusader miniatures in the center flanked by Footsore

Footsore Arthurian Cav

Monday, April 22, 2019

Saxons...FootSore and Crusader Miniatures

        Semi large project of a commission project of mainly Saxons with some Sub Roman
figures mixed in. I will be posting a group of the cavalry later.....there are also a group
of archers, slingers, and peasant infantry....but I have chosen to post the heavier Saxon
infantry along with the character type figures including one of Merlin. All the character
figures are from Footsore and very nice miniatures....they do stand a head taller than the
Crusader line and have included comparison pics. However; the crusader line of dark
age figures are also a quite pleasant bunch. Side note all shields hand painted which
I prefer to do on dark age figures.

these miniatures are all Footsore including one of Merlin

comparison pic of size with Crusader in between of the Footsore

another comparison pic with Crusader in between of the Footsore