Saturday, June 5, 2021

Spanish Civil War International brigade

    These figures are all from Empress just as the other post of the militia figures. Again very nice miniatures all sculpted by Paul Hicks from what I understand. I tried scaling back on the brightness of these pics slightly as the militia figures came out too bright (not that is a bad thing) but it does have the effect of over enhancing the transition of colors. Generally that is somewhat needed once figures are viewed from a distance as some depth to the miniatures is ideal (also due to the fact we dont have the same lighting being shined upon them as when taking the pics) but close up shots that I like to do seem to over exaggerate the painting more than I like. Ultimately, my whole point of posting close up pics is for references for anyone who needs painting ideas and schemes they can use in their own endeavors. Any rate, these are more for the British contingent of the brigade and used a standard chocolate brown coat and military type green leggings for them. I did vary up of color of the pants to represent some variety and bear in mind this is not a period I'm an expert in if one catches color selection not perfect. My emphasis is always in the Ancient and dark age period but I do paint for others if requested outside my professed time period of knowledge. 

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