Sunday, August 30, 2020

Crusaders....The crossbow men

     These figures comprise another project (actually commission work) for someone who asked if I could paint up some 100 era crusaders. Needless to say as always he will provide the actual basing I just temp mount the figures for ease of taking pics. There are some 36 crossbows that I painted in total and these are a random sampling of them. I added as much variety in the colors as possible (A portion of the crusades I will paint will be in an uniform blue coat as per his request to be posted later) but aiming for some brighter colors as the crusaders were reported to wear such as reds, greens, yellows.....though black was common also. I believe many of these figures are Perrys Miniatures (if not all) I seem to recall he chose to use both Perrys and Footsore to comprise his crusader force. 

I prefer brighter over dark pics...the one downside is on darker colors 
such as the figure on the far over emphasizes the contrast in colors
showing the shade on both the blue and green leggings as almost black.
In regular lighting the highlight from the deepest shade is not nearly as stark.

Artizan Design 2nd Afghan war british highlanders

     Second part of the british forces that I painted up on behalf of someone else for the 2nd Afghan war. Again these are nice figures and the figures asked to be painted were one group of command with 2 poses of the infantry either firing or loading

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Artizan Design 2nd Afghan war british Infantry

  This will be 2 part posting the first being the standard infantry and the second will be the 92 highlanders. The figures are not based as I have painted these for another individual who will provide the basing. The range offered from Artizan is quite extensive and the figures are nicely done. Its unfortunate that their website does not offer better painted pics of their miniatures for this range. Khaki of course is the color of choice for their uniforms and I opted for the P3 range of paints from privateer press. Though they do make a designated color of khaki....I went with their color jack bone as I wanted a lighter more bleached appearance look. For shading I mixed in a dark greenish brown color and for highlighting I added a light cream color their Menoth white highlight color paint. For the lower leggings wrap I chose brown though I'm not really certain which is the more correct look for the wraps....brown or khaki? I liked the contrast of the brown myself. A couple of the officers are wearing the Poshteen (a jacket of Afghan origin) and went with a brownish leather look to it. I used a mix blood tracker brown and added meaty ochre (p3 paints again) to it to achieve the look I wanted for those interested in colors used. The one officers blouse I chose a whitish grey color. As always I just choose a sampling of different figures painted of various poses for all angles for those interested to garner the appearance of the range of miniatures if looking to purchase some or for those looking for ideas to incorporate for painting up this period. I did choose to add some eyes for these figures....something I often dont do. The reasoning is my own personal armies and for some individuals I paint for cater to large forces (200 plus models) and leaving a darkened impression I feel is enough to recreate large forces and can be a necessary time saver. For smaller forces sometimes adding some additional detail is worth the effort and I chose to do so for these models.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Saxon Late Infantry

    An army that needs no introduction a late Saxon force. This is something I have been
painting up in a bit and pieces type project. The majority of figures is Foundry but also
include a few crusader and some footsore miniatures. I plan on using mostly those 3
manufacturers for this project. The figures are based on a standard 60mm wide base
but went with 30mm depth which was really the only way to get 4 to fit on a base.