Sunday, April 1, 2018

Aventine Steppe Nobles (4th unit)

   I have added to my Steppe Army that can be used as either an Avar or a Bulgar force.
This unit brings me up to a total of 48 Nobles to join my 48 lighter cavalry and Slavic
infantry. I do have plans to add at least one additional Noble unit and very much hoping
that Perris who sculpted the new range of Byzantines that are on my blog will eventually
do some Bulgars which I know he wants to do. These Aventine sculpts are quite impressive
and though I mostly paint for the mass effect (I like having large armies) these miniatures
if one wanted to take the time could really stand out far beyond the work I put into them.
I cannot recommend them enough as I hope my pics at least show.

Black Hat & Moonraker Samurai

    These miniatures were painted for a small commission for an acquaintance I know. He
has several Samurai miniatures that I agreed to paint for him and these are the first of two
batches. I'm not familiar with either line of figures (feudal Japan I know little of) so they are
just some pics of them mixed together with out any distinguishing between them. He will
do the basing. My only goal was to paint each miniature as a separate warrior as they are
to be utilized for skirmish type battles. I mostly kept to somewhat historical type appearance
using mostly black armor with an additional figure in red and one in gold armor. Lacing I
believe was mostly light blue for black armor and white for gold armor. I did use a couple
of additional colors for the lacing that may or may not be correct to add some additional