Sunday, June 27, 2021


    These are the later medieval Swiss that have been painted up on behalf on another individual who will provide his own basing. He requested that I use an unifying theme of black & yellow colors (many swiss indeed wore the multiple colors of black and yellow) so all figures have that representation. I chose the rest of the colors where needed mostly mid earth tones with red, brownish red, and blues included. I do not know who the manufacturers are if any one wishes to know let me know and I will find out. White crosses where often sewn onto the cloth to help distinguish the Swiss from their opponents the Burgundians being one such opponent who chose to use a red inverted cross shaped like an X. Hopefully there will be some inspiration/ideas presented with the pics for any serious collector of this timeframe.


Gonsalvo said...

Very nice; black and yellow are the cantonal colors of Uri (black bull's head on a yellow field), one of the three original "Forrest Cantons" that began the Swiss Confederation.

Oregon painter said...

Thanks for the info…I know little of the period outside an osprey I used for guidance. Of course having the owner specifically ask for black/yellow uniforms made the job easier.