Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Old Glory Goths

   I love to collect by period when it comes to wargaming and armies. I have painted a fairly
large Sassanian army and I have plenty of middle Romans to be painted to oppose them.
However, I still want more diversity in terms of opponents and the Goths seem like a logical
choice considering the numerous clashes that took place between them and Rome. I
managed to purchase a group of both Old Glory and Gripping Beast Goth figures off TMP
and decided to paint up the Old Glory miniatures first. On a footnote though all these
figures where sold as Goths, the armored figures appear to be vikings not goths. So I
painted them up as goths anyway and they look fine to me. I've included some pics of the
shields for those interested as simple design types I prefer to paint by hand in place of decals.