Sunday, August 18, 2019

WW1/RCW white lancers

   Unfortunately I dont recall who the makers of these miniatures are....I will have to
ask and update later. These also were a commission project for someone else who
will provide the basing. I did like these miniatures color selection was provided by
the client. The blue trousers I found a nice contrast to the figures.

Afghan Cavalry Empress Miniatures

     Some nice miniatures from Empress....These are from the 3rd Afghan war that were
painted for someone else.... hence basing he will do. Not an expert on this time frame
went with color selections he provided...actually a pool of colors that would of been
appropriate for this time period.  I cannot offer any comparison to other makers
covering this time period unfortunately.....but I can say i found these figures quite
nice and giving each horse its own individual color should give the appearance of
a variety of horseman galloping on the table top.