Sunday, May 19, 2019

Aventine Republican Romans

    Aventine miniatures are always nice and very little commentary is really ever needed.
I painted a group of 24 of them for someone else and have included the pics. I did not
go with any shield design....whether the shields were left in a plain color or some type
of design was used during this period is difficult to say. I also went with an off white
linen color for the tunics which simply look reality they were probably a
multiple of colors used for the tunics but an uniform appearance makes the chore of
painting easier and very appealing. Feathers went with crimson...Polybuis mentions
both black and purple feathers (purple probably being more of a crimson color) so
crimson it was.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Crusader Saxon Cavalry & Footsore Arthurian Cavalry

    These items have been painted for an individual who is collecting both an Arthurian army
to go alongside some Saxons. Items he will base only temporary mounted for ease of
taking some quick pictures. I have included one comparison pic of both lines side by side
and size wise the figures are almost an identical match. Shields hand painted....for the
Footsore Arthurian Cavalry went with matching tunics/cloaks and shields to identify them
as an elite unit. Crusader Saxons as everything I have ever seen from Crusader are always
nice figures and the Footsore are becoming some of my favorite figures to paint. Always
superb miniatures and I always prefer the closed hands for the weapon to secure them to
the figure.

saxon cav

Crusader miniatures in the center flanked by Footsore

Footsore Arthurian Cav