Sunday, July 25, 2021



  I will be rebasing my Sassanian Persians from 2 to 3 a base. I also wanted to give the base a different appearance....more of a desert sand look. Additionally, my endeavors when I first started posting pictures was they came out not that well...either too dark...or too bright (dont use your flash when taking pics). These figures where painted some time ago...the rebasing is a work in progress but my intention is to repost the pics of them with better quality looking photos. 



   A unit of mounted Goths I painted up for myself. These are a mix of Footsore and Gripping Beast miniatures which mix fine....the figures are nice but definitely on the large side. I found they fit quite tightly on a 60mm wide base with a 60mm depth. I must say I do prefer the truer 25mm figures...they still had superior size to 15mm and had space to spare for those who enjoy large collections and want more figures mounted onto one base. The larger figures do include more detail....which though is nice on individual figures....for those who prefer armies like myself do not find figures in mass is the look I am after not the individual detail of individual figures. My paint style is developed for decent figures individually...not award winning...but to give an impressive look for the in mass appearance. They look good unless one wants to individually critic them....any way be that as it are the pics

Horse Painting with Ps3 paints

          Part of the Crusader project included groups of horses with no riders (with horse holders) that he wanted painted up for the collection. Thought for fun I challenged myself to paint with only one paint line on some of them and record what I did. I use several paint lines as each offer unique colors or capabilities so not endorsing to only use the Ps3 paints....but I certainly find them useful for painting horses. The reason being is one can thin them quite a bit without getting any paint separation which helps with horses as the thin coats can help ease the layers of transitions. I mostly included this for those who already use these paints for guidelines for those who want some ideas for painting horses. Match the formula with numerical reference to see the finished look with the picture. Keep in mind the percent of mixing is just approximate (not perfectly exact) as all horses will vary slightly and everyone has their own ideas of how little or how much contrast is needed.

Horse 1 Roan color: base...50/50 of each umbral brown/bloodstone.  2nd coat 100% bloodstone. 3rd coat 30/70 bogrin brown/bloodstone. mane & tail black thin add pink to highlight

horse 2: white horse: base 50/50 underbelly blue/white. 2nd coat add 50 percent more white to base. 3rd coat keep adding white to achieve the look you want. side note: white paint can come out somewhat chalky, keep the white thinned and add a touch of varnish to the helps prevent it from being chalky.  You may need a couple of layers of the whitest highlights. legs/muzzle 50/50 black/iron grey and highlight with mostly iron grey. mane/tail 30/70 meaty ochre/moldy ochre then highlight with 70/30 menoth white/moldy ochre

horse 3: chestnut: base 70/30 bloodtracker brown/bloodstone. 2nd coat add 20 percent rucksan tan and keep adding additional rucksan to the mix until you are happy with the look. mane/tail 50/50 bloodtracker brown/rucksan tan. highlight with 80/20 rucksan tan/menoth white highlight.  white socks 80/20 moldy ochre/rucksan tan highlight with menoth white highlight mixed in to the mix.

horse 4: dark brown: base 50/50 black/umbral brown. 2nd coat 100 percent umbral brown added to the mix to adjust to taste. 3rd coat add bloodtracker brown 20-30 percent to achieve desired contrast.  mane/tail 100 percent black then add umbral brown for the highlights

horse 5:light brown: base: 100 percent battlefield brown. 2nd coat add 30 percent gun corp brown to achieve desired look. Final coats add  10 percent or so of moldy ochre.

horse 6: medium brown: base: 30/70 black/battlefield brown. 2nd coat add or use 100 percent battlefield brown. additional layers add roughly 20-30 percent gun corp to mix.

socks: see horse 3 or use a mix of iron grey with white about 50/50 and keep adding white to achieve wanted look on any of the above horse. 

horse 2 on left horse 3 on right
horse 2 and horse 3
horse 2 and horse 3
horse 5 left horse 6 on right

horse 5 and horse 6
horse 4 on left horse 6 on right
horse 4 on left horse 6 on right

Knights Hospitaller Sergeants

      This group are the sergeants to match the knights. The hospitaller order had their sergeants clothed in red.....a nice offsetting look to match the blackness of the knights. 


Knights Hospitaller


   Back to the Crusades with another order of knights and their sergeants. The Knights Hospitaller  are of course known for being clad in black with white crosses shaped with 8 points to them. I kept the highlights limited as I wanted that dark black appearance to them. The highlights I did where done by adding some pink to the black. I prefer pink to lighten up black as using a grey or a white to do so gives too much of a greyish look (not that that is can fade to a darkish grey) but pink being darker than white gave the look I wanted. I have also included some pics of both a mounted and dismounted Richard the Lionheart that I did as well. Colors are speculative I chose what I felt like using as well as shield design choice. These figures as all of the Crusader figures I have been painting up are for another individual who will do the basing