Saturday, June 5, 2021

Charles the bold & mounted knights

    Unfortunately I cannot say for certain who are the manufacture for these are as they comprise a large amount of lead being painted on behalf of another individual. One of the figures was labelled as Charles the Bold among a group of mounted knights designated as Burgundians. The paint scheme for Charles was inspired from different online depictions of him and as for the rest of the retinue I went with standard Burgundian representation of blue and white colors (went with a linen white as opposed to a true white color) with the red cross. The Burgundians used it to identify their forces and the cross was actually shaped as a red X. I will not provide the basing for these hence why they only mounted on temp stands....for the armor many depictions of this time period reflect a brighter and polish look to the plate armor so I kept it on the brighter side.

Charles is the figure mounted on the armored horse

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