Sunday, April 18, 2021

dismounted Crusader knights

       Quick post of more Crusader period figures. Been painting a rather large host (I like large hosts) for an individual here in the northwest (well he resides in Vancouver B.C. Canada) just a few hours north of where I am located. At any rate he retains a rather large wargaming table in his home and has the luxury of being able to utilize large armies. I have currently lost count of the number of figures I have been painted but its over 200 now of which from time to time I post a selection of them. He provides the pics of only finished painting work on all of the Crusade era figures. Biggest motivation to post  is for those who like inspirational ideas to incorporate into ones own figures mainly color ideas as well as shield designs. Most of the shield designs I kept simple and came from WRG armies of feudal Europe that have many illustration of various shields so no cannot take credit for any originality but does have the strength of being in contemporary usage of the time.