Sunday, January 27, 2019

Minas Tirith veterans

  These miniatures not exactly historical but I wanted to put these up as I know there
are people who enjoy LOTR genre. I'm not an expert on these items I only paint to general requests of the customer I'm doing the work for. As I understand he wanted these figures
to have a weathered look to the armor and dress so that is what I did. One of the figures
did not have a shield emboss so I hand painted the tree design on his shield. Side note
to get the look on the armor after using a dark metallic color for a base I dry brushed
on P3 radian platinum....then washed over a mix of of army paint soft tone and MSP
stone wash....I was happy with the results.

Crusader Spanish Caetrati

   The following comprise the bulk of 80 Spanish lights I painted as a commission project.
Hardest part was working out so many different shield designs.....and feel overall I
accomplished my goal. So I've included as many shield pics and side pics for anyone
who intends to paint a similar force for inspiration/shield ideas for their own miniatures.
I do recommend putting time in on your figures of adding in stripes and embroidery
designs within the trim it adds flair to the figures and captures the nature of the
Iberian look. Side note customer will base these figures...just mounted on stands
for ease of pics.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Crusader Byzantine Cavalry (for sale)

   I have a bunch of Byzantine Miniatures that I intend to paint through and post for sale.
If any one like this period....and is need of painted miniatures please let me know I
would to have someone to pass some of these on to. For starter I'm posting 12
of these I would unbase before shipping. 4 of the 12 figures are bow armed which is  roughly how the Byzantine mounted arm was deployed in lance to bow armed proportion.
145 dollars includes shipping to the lower 48.

Foundry Scythians (for sale)

 These are older miniatures painted years ago by me and are no longer reflective of my
current paint style or ability so therefore looking to send these off to a new home. I'm open
to price  so send me an offer if interested and sure we can agree to something.
These have been sold

Crusader Libyan Spearman (for sale)

     Having painted up a horde of Crusader Spanish figures I found myself in the mood to
paint up some Punic ere heavy Libyan Infantry. These figures are very nice from Crusader
and I like the upright ready pose that they come in. Nothing fancy....standard red tunic
along with an off white linen armor. The shields I choose to go with LBMS transfers to
save time on painting them (plus they look nice). I do not plan on keeping these and
so if any one is interested please notify me 145 dollars for these which include shipping.
These figures are no longer available.

Crusader Spanish slingers

    These figures are all Crusader miniatures and they are labelled as slingers but they
would work as either generic spanish light infantry utilizing the sling or as the more
famous Balearic slingers. I painted a total of 8 figures and went a blend of mild neutral

Crusader Spanish Scutarri

     These pics are the last of Spanish Scutarii that I have painted as part of a large commission project that I have been working on. The biggest challenge is always
in the shield designs as they take up the bulk of the painting time and a challenge
to come up with different patterns while capturing that Iberian feel. Hence I decided
to post up the rest of these figures....for those who may want ideas for their own
spanish figures and painting schemes that could be of use. Over the next month I
will be working on some 50 plus Spanish Caetrati figures that I plan on posting pics.