Sunday, February 14, 2016

The following miniatures are also from Indus Miniatures. These figures represent the lighter armed cavalry of the Mughal army the rank and file of the poorer conscripts. As such i went with a much less colorfull look for colors sticking with off white, light grey, creams and such. Still nice figures that take paint rather well. For those interested in this time period from India i cannot recommend enough to check out this line that fit the bill fine both cost wise and appearance wise.

The following are a line of miniatures that i was not aware of until recently when asked if i could paint some miniatures from Indus miniatures. First up are the heavier cavalry. They wear Char-aina armor (a four piece cuirass) and ride barded horses decorated with lace of various colors. As for uniforms most Mughal cav would not have a true uniform appearance so went with a variety of appropiate colors that fit traditional usuage in India giving these miniatures a truly colorfull look. They are not yet based as the owner whom i painted them for will base to fit his collection. In short i like these miniatures, they have plenty of detail, more than enough folds on their clothing to create as much depth and highlight to suit ones individual taste and when painted up truly look not only historically accurate but very nice to the wargamers eye.

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