Sunday, July 17, 2022

Assyrian heavy infantry

     All these are Wargame Foundry Assyrians. They need no introduction beyond comments made from previous posts on all the figures that have been painted. They are not for myself and have been painted as part of a large commission for an acquaintance of mine. Both tunic colors and shields were asked not to be uniformed as previous figures that have been painted. The shields are done by dry brushing a lighter tone over the base coat. The bronze colors I used paints from Turbo Dark to get the shiny look to them. One may question are they too bright (I did) but viewed from a distance on the table I think the extra shine would look good. This Assyrian project has resulted in 11 chariots, 12 camel and riders and some 200 hundred foot so far being painted up.

Mounted Vikings

    These figures have been painted for someone else and consist of 4 vikings and 1 Russ figure. The vikings never fought mounted but it is feasible some may have rode to the field of battle before dismounting. Any rate these are the figures he wanted and they appear to be Gripping Beast figures judging by the sculpting style.


Sunday, July 3, 2022


   These figures are made by the Perry twins and comprise some of the Arabic fighters during the Crusade period. Went with a middle east tone flesh color and lots of neutral type colors off white, creams and lighter shades of browns, khakis etc....

Mounted Burgundian Knights

    Just 4 of these......painted for someone else where I chose to experiment with scale 75 metallic paint that I used on these figures. Problem with photos and metallic silvers is they do not capture the same look as in the flesh. At any rate here they are.


   Some additional Crusade figures that I have added too. The collection is not my own as these with all the Crusade figures belong to another individual that I have painted them all for. The biggest challenge with so many knight figures is keeping each one with its own unique appearance. 



      I am not certain of the make of these figures as I have never seen these before. Again part of some recently painted figures per some commission work and wanted to share. If anyone knows who the manufacture is please let me know. They are nice figures over all only complain involved the chain mail barding on the horses as it was not the most defined chain mail I have seen. 



      The following pics are of some Normans I recently painted for another individual and decided to post. Various manufacturers mainly Crusader Miniatures.