Sunday, June 27, 2021

Crusades Part 3?

      I have painted up a tremendous amount of Crusader era miniatures (and lost count of the number of posts I've done) for someone who enjoys large collections. This group is another round of both mounted knights and mounted sergeants. Soon I will add some more dismounted knights and a couple more groups of the military orders. I have already done some Teutonic Knights and the Templars but I have the knights of St. John and St Lazarus still to post. As with all the other Crusader posts the owner will provide the basing for these. The biggest challenge was I want to keep each Knight figure somewhat distinct from each other and as I have painted dozens of them now it does become a little more difficult to accomplish and why the military orders are easier to do when mass numbers are wanted. Again as my intention always is with posting pics hopefully others who need ideas for their own collections of this period can garner some ideas. The first group of photos are of the knights with the last group of photos the mounted sergeants. On an aside I have seemed finally to reach a proper balance of lighting and distance to more accurately represent the figures which I have long struggled to do. Far too many of my posts range from too dark then too bright producing pics that one could not make out the figure well or so bright that it over emphasized color transitions. Eventually I do plan to re edit and re post many of my earlier photos that I was unhappy with with better pics. Never realized photos would require the effort and experimentation that it has. 


    These are the later medieval Swiss that have been painted up on behalf on another individual who will provide his own basing. He requested that I use an unifying theme of black & yellow colors (many swiss indeed wore the multiple colors of black and yellow) so all figures have that representation. I chose the rest of the colors where needed mostly mid earth tones with red, brownish red, and blues included. I do not know who the manufacturers are if any one wishes to know let me know and I will find out. White crosses where often sewn onto the cloth to help distinguish the Swiss from their opponents the Burgundians being one such opponent who chose to use a red inverted cross shaped like an X. Hopefully there will be some inspiration/ideas presented with the pics for any serious collector of this timeframe.

Norman Cavalry

     These pics are only for comparison of Wargame Foundry and Footsore mounted Normans. I will be posting group pics of the mounted arm properly based soon but I did want to have a more direct comparison of the two lines. Unfortunately, I have no Crusader Normans painted up at the present time to include as My intent is to use those three manufacturers for the Normans. At any rate the Foundry figures are only a hair smaller with the mounted figure more squat in size as compared to the Footsore. I found sculpting on the Footsore horses somewhat different as many manufacturers have a more roundness shape to the horses as compared to these in the chest muscles and the rear of the muscles. Any way the pics are for those interested to draw ones own conclusions and again I will be posting some units of these in the near future.

Footsore, Foundry, Footsore, Foundry

Footsore, Foundry, Footsore, Foundry

Footsore, Foundry, Footsore, Foundry

Footsore, Foundry, Footsore, Foundry

Monday, June 14, 2021

Russ/Eastern vikings

     The following are a small group of figures I painted on behalf of someone else. He will provide the basing and obviously they are intentionally mounted on individual bases for how he will use them. He asked that they resemble more of a Russ appearance or at least Vikings that have an eastern influenced appearance about them. The biggest difference is in the shields as  Viking opted for mostly plain colors often separated into quarters and halves with different colors. For the Russ different painted patterns depicted on the shield were common. Colors for clothing often be off whites, creams and other shades of linen wools. Naturally, other earth tones as well as red and deep blue would not be out of place. The manufacturers are a variety of miniatures Gripping Beast, Artizan and Footsore. 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Spanish Civil War International brigade

    These figures are all from Empress just as the other post of the militia figures. Again very nice miniatures all sculpted by Paul Hicks from what I understand. I tried scaling back on the brightness of these pics slightly as the militia figures came out too bright (not that is a bad thing) but it does have the effect of over enhancing the transition of colors. Generally that is somewhat needed once figures are viewed from a distance as some depth to the miniatures is ideal (also due to the fact we dont have the same lighting being shined upon them as when taking the pics) but close up shots that I like to do seem to over exaggerate the painting more than I like. Ultimately, my whole point of posting close up pics is for references for anyone who needs painting ideas and schemes they can use in their own endeavors. Any rate, these are more for the British contingent of the brigade and used a standard chocolate brown coat and military type green leggings for them. I did vary up of color of the pants to represent some variety and bear in mind this is not a period I'm an expert in if one catches color selection not perfect. My emphasis is always in the Ancient and dark age period but I do paint for others if requested outside my professed time period of knowledge. 

Charles the bold & mounted knights

    Unfortunately I cannot say for certain who are the manufacture for these are as they comprise a large amount of lead being painted on behalf of another individual. One of the figures was labelled as Charles the Bold among a group of mounted knights designated as Burgundians. The paint scheme for Charles was inspired from different online depictions of him and as for the rest of the retinue I went with standard Burgundian representation of blue and white colors (went with a linen white as opposed to a true white color) with the red cross. The Burgundians used it to identify their forces and the cross was actually shaped as a red X. I will not provide the basing for these hence why they only mounted on temp stands....for the armor many depictions of this time period reflect a brighter and polish look to the plate armor so I kept it on the brighter side.

Charles is the figure mounted on the armored horse