Sunday, December 22, 2019


       These are suppose to be for a Russ army....they appear to be perhaps a little later
closer to medieval period Russ. Nice figures to paint up and not certain who the maker is
I believe they belong to a Russian manufacturer perhaps Commissar Miniatures? Anyway
posted pics of different angles of these for those interested. Shield design I simply hand
painted...believable I hope for the time frame.

Vikings 2


     Wide variety of painted vikings....some of these are actually some Gripping Beast
Russ line of figures being utilized as Vikings. Roughly 120 Vikings I painted up over the
past 6 weeks a fun project....hopefully the owner of these figures will be pleased. Next
on the list is some 150 Foundry Caesarian Romans to be painted up among other

Friday, December 6, 2019

Old Wargame Foundry Vikings

   These are some oldies....Foundry Vikings that go back at least to the 90's (or earlier)
which provided some nostalgia in painting them.

Russian (Russ) Cavary

   The following are some Russ cavalry that I painted up....some of the figures are produced
by a Russian company I believe Siberian miniatures or Commissar Miniatures not certain
which apologies. The embossing on their shields as well as the figures
themselves are well done. A couple of the figures are Gripping Beast mounted on
a different manufacturer horse(do not know but which was provided with the figures by the

Vikings continued

    More vikings.....mix of manufacturers of which many I have not

seen before

Vikings (numerous manufacturers) Ladies and Archers

    I plan on posting several separate posts on one topic.....Vikings. It stems from a large
commission project that I have been working on of around 120 figures. They are composed
of numerous manufactures including I believe some Russian companies included
(a few of the figures I have never seen before) while others are familiar models. The
figures as usual are not based as this will be done per the customer....the pics below
are figures that are a first for me....never seen the female vikings before so cannot
say who they are produced by...and have included some bowmen pics