Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Footsore Arthurian Infantry elite

   The last of the Footsore miniatures that were painted for another individual. As such they
are not based just temp mounted for ease of photos. I kept these 8 all in an uniform
appearance as requested by the customer...I have included 2 individual warrior figures
in addition to the the unit of 8 that were done.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Footsore King Arthur

    The man himself of legend King Arthur. Pure delight to paint both him and his standard
bearer and both very nice figures. These are the first mounted figures I have seen in
person and both are top quality. Colors and shields are my imagination at work for what
seemed plausible in the historical context.

Footsore miniatures Romano-British infantry

   The following miniatures are all Footsore and very nice they are. They represent a
commission work for someone else and he will base the miniatures. These spearman
are classified as Late Roman infantry from Footsore and are equally usable as
Arthurian infantry or early Byzantine infantry. The first unit of infantry I went with a
variety of tunic colors and tied them together with a common shield design. The second
unit I went with same tunic and cloak colors with varying legging colors. They of course
have the same shield design. All shields are hand hand painted. If you have never seen
or used figures from Footsore I highly recommend to get some....they paint up really
well and cannot recommend them enough.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Crusader Spanish Caetrati

  These miniatures again are all Crusader figures....these are the lighter Infantry. All these
figures are being painted in various shades unlike their heavier counterparts. Mostly using
earth type colors with the exception being the command figures where a little more color
was utilized. It takes a little more time but adding detail trim to the models really do make
them stand out and capture the historical look of the Spaniards. Again all shields are
being hand painted. I plan to add more photos as I paint more of these up...

Crusader Spanish Scutarii

   All these figures are crusader....again part of a large commission project...basing to be
done by the person I'm painting for. These figures all in white....shields all hand painted.
I took the liberty of varying the crimson trim in different fashions on the models to give
some variety to them. This will probable be the sole post for the dozens of these figures
I'm working on....they do paint up quickly...white and flesh comprising the majority of the
models...but shields do take some time as I intend to have no two shields the same.

Spanish Cavalry

   These are Crusader figures....not being based by myself part of a large amount of
miniatures I'm painting for someone else. Very nice figures I must say they have been
painted to standard Punic era colors of white and crimson colored trim. Shields is where
work is at being hand painted. I keep white colors white for these folks....the shade effect
is pics are not the greatest to bring it out as witnessed in the flesh. But I do
not like stark contrasts on white just not natural appearing to me.

Sub Roman Infantry Levy

   These miniatures I believe are a mix of Gripping Beast and Footsore miniatures. I will
not be basing them as I'm painting them for someone else. These figures comprise
the levy muster....currently I'm working on the more elite type figures from Footsore to
join these. Colors are pure subjective....I do know blue was an uncommon color during
this period in the British mainland...but these figures are to be of generic use so they can be used for other forces hence some blue cloth was added into the mix. I also chose to utilize some check and stripe patterns as they would be common during this time period. Shields are hand painted....there are a couple pics of characters at the bottom that I also added.