Sunday, February 9, 2020

Cossacks (Kuban infantry)

  The following are Cossacks from the RCW time frame....specifically Kuban infantry by
Tsuba miniatures. Needless to say not fancy uniforms at all, the sources provided indicated
mostly dark clothing of grey and black. I did offset the officers in lighter jackets which
seemed historical from my information.

Iron Duke & Empress Indian Mutiny

  One individual I have painting for has been collecting a large amount of figures for the
northwest frontier or Indian Mutiny period and these comprise the latest addition that had
been added. Nice figures and easy to paint up for those interested in this period.

Punic war Spanish

    Commission project which comprised several Punic war figures. 8 spanish scutari figures
along with Carthaginian command Infantry and one Numidian prince figure. The spanish
and Punic command are Crusader figures and the Numidian is from Warlord. All shields
are hand painted which is something I have been doing in ever increasing fashion. Granted
it takes no longer than using LBMS transfers but they look quite natural and nice. As a side
note when I paint white I do not prefer harsh transitions of that color....I typically use
underbelly blue from P3 paints for the base color. I usually add some white for the base
color as I do not use it full strength then add additional white to a final layer of pure white
for the figures.


     I have painted numerous dwarves for this individual who provides his own basing and
I have included a pic of one the based figures he did.The most difficult thing with these
pics is metallic paint does not really photo well (or I dont know how possibly). I went with
his color scheme but I made the gold and silver metallic paint very bright I chose to use
reaper paints from their bone line. The pictures do not capture the true brightness of the
paint and in retrospect outside pictures in natural light would of been a better choice perhaps for taking these pictures. For those not familiar with the reaper line of paints
their latest offering has some very bright looking colors and an improvement over their
normal triad line for metallics. Cursed gold, dragon gold, dwarven gold along with blade
steel, adamantine and crusader silver I found quite nice. The other line of metallic paint
I like is scale 75 also and these two lines are mostly what I now use. 


     My main purpose with the blog is to mostly cover my main interest of ancient and dark age armies. However, in addition to collecting armies for my own personal collection I
often paint various ancient figures for enjoyment then sell them to those interested. Over
the past couple years many people who have bought those miniatures have asked could
I paint additional figures for them. I do enjoy painting as much if not more than collecting
them for myself so much of my time has become involved in doing various painting
projects for others for a fee. One individual I have over the last several months
painted numerous items for fantasy type armies and I have decided to post some pics
for those interested in that type of genre. Though outside the main focus of the blog
I like to post pics for reference points if others so care to use them for additional reference
ideas or inspiration. First up is a couple large monster type dragons being ridden
by dwarves. I did not nothing fancy with these figures....that is just straight painted them
not using any advanced techniques of complicated washes, blendings etc... as one could
spend a large amount of time on such a large figure with lavish detail. My focus was to
produce a nicely painted table top standard figure that looked nice in minimal time. I
was quite happy with the result.