Friday, November 22, 2019

Iron Duke 93 Highlanders Indian Mutiny

       A certain individual has been collecting a large amount of forces to recreate the
Indian Mutiny of which I have been painting the miniatures for him....he will provide
the basing. These are Iron Duke miniatures and they are very nice with a large variety
in different poses. They are highly detailed requiring some time investment to paint
between the tartan cloth, checkered look for headdress among other things. Their
uniform color was my own mix to recreate the desired look of the brown holland
cloth that they wore. I have included as many pics of the miniatures as possible.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Lakshmi bai from Empress Miniatures

   This figure someone had me paint to add to his Afgan war range I believe it is from the
3rd  Indian mutiny. Her name is Lakshmi Bai and I must profess I do not have much to add
in terms of info (outside her bio on Wikipedia)....only pics. I will be posting soon some figures from Empress of the 93 highlanders who fought in that war.

WW1/RCW white Russian cavalry (2)

   As a commission project I have painted up quite a bit of figures for an individual to use
for the Russian civil war. I have posted pics of a small amount of them but I decided to
post these which are a second group of 12 white lancers....I already have posted the
first group previously. I followed his desire for uniform appearance except for the one
office which I chose to put in a lighter tunic....for visual appeal. The customer will base
these miniatures.

Foundry Gallic cavalry

    Foundry figures that have been around for a while but they do age nicely! I still consider
these some of the better figures for this era on the market. Only negative is that LBMS
does not have a range of transfers for these miniatures so shields had to be hand painted.
These were painted to a decent standard of checks,stripes etc... being done and
posting these for sale. 135 dollars which includes shipping to the lower 48 states for
anyone interested.  Leave a reply or email me at if interested.
12 figures total. The figures are not based will be shipped unmounted from the stands.

These figures have been sold