Sunday, April 23, 2017

LOTR The Elves

   The second half of the LOTR project is the Elves. They consisted of two parts the spearmen
and archers. The choice was made for a uniformed look which makes for a far quicker paint time. The spearmen went with a blood red tunic (pics show the red in bright light so appears lighter
 than they really are), purple cloaks and blueish metallic armor. For their shields went with a
dark red metallic color. The archers chose light blue tunics, sand colored cloaks with bright
silver armor. I also changed the lighting for my pics as i felt they were too dark,
these are certainly brighter  mabye to bright so something i will continue to work on.
Coming soon i will be posting both Sassanian Persian
cavalry and slavic foot for the steppe cavalry armies.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Men of Gondor (LOTR)

 I took on a commision project for a Lord of the Rings group of miniatures consisting of the
Men of Gondor and a force of Elves. The following pics are the Men of Gondor. I'm not a
true expert of paint schemes (or if there is even one that exists) so i went with what felt natural.
The group of miniatures consisted of 3 parts; 12 miniatures for the Rohan Guard, two characters
Theodon and Gamling, and 12 rangers. I choose an uniform look for the Rohan Guard with
a subdued medium blue tunic, dark olive cloak and matching shield. For the Rangers i kept
away from mostly bright colors (thinking colors appropriate would be those that would blend
into the environment). The two characters went with colors that would make them stand out
not to brightly but enough to designate them as some weight of importance.

Theodon and Ramling. Chose a deep crimson cloak for Ramling, for Theodon went with black and bronze armor

Customer did request that these three figures have a grey tunic color to be labelled as grey company

cloak colors for grey company

The Rohan Guard really only had 3 parts to them the cloak, tunics, and armor. Therefore went with several layers of the
olive green on the cloak help them stand out.

rangers all painted in various colors. These figures have quite a bit of detail from the cloak, the armor, tunics and all the
equipment of belts, bows, and other weapons