Sunday, November 29, 2015

carolingian 28mm figures. both gripping beast and artizan design offer an extensive range for these dark age armies and i have decided to include a few pics. the first two are a side by side comparison of the two manufacturers and they are a pretty close match. the gripping beast are slightly larger being a more true 28mm miniature. one nice addition was a closed hand, had to be drilled out but i prefer the fact that the spear will fit in with little chance of being knocked off the figure. i plan on going back and adding some more comparison side by side shots as most collectors and would be buyers love comparison shots before purchasing. the artizan figures do provide a shield of what at least according to ian heath in armies of the dark ages 600-1066 would be the correct design of their shields. how accurate that assessment is not certain as gripping beast did not follow the same example, nor do the LBMS shield designs decals made to fit their shields. however, in my mind a small moot point as it is the dark ages and perfect uniformity of clothing and equipment would be very unlikely. for the most part, i stuck with mostly blue and off white shirts, then added some ochre, yellow, dark and bright red with contrasting cuffs and collars. leggings were supposedly mostly scarlet, though i added some different shade of browns in there. on the artizan shields i only used one color (ian heath mentions frankish mss. indicated shields were usually painted a single color). on the gripping beast figures i used both LBMS decals or simple multi color shield patters similiar to the decals.

artizan on the left gripping beast on the right

gripping beast on the left and artizan on the right

gripping beast 

gripping beast

gripping beast

artizan design

Artizan design

artizan design

ten A&A thessalonian cavalry figures. asking price is 100 but as always can work with anyone on price. as with my other postings miniatures loosely mounted on bases for ease of taking photos. they will be shipped unbased and individually wrapped.

for sale 12 gripping beasts dark age russ figures. nice miniatures from gripping beast but no plans to keep these miniatures. 12 total additional pics can be added if requested as i only included 8 of them for photos. they would be shipped unbased and wrapped individually only mounted on stands for ease of taking pics. asking 120 for all 12 includes shipping costs. as always if these are miniatures anyone is truly interested in but unable to afford just let me know and i'll see what we can do.

crusader miniatures varangian guard for sale. for those interested the miniatures will be sent unbased their only positioned on these bases for ease of photo taking. i only included pics of a few but their all the same pose only difference is color of tunic and amount of armor being worn. they all have purple cloaks, mostly scarlet tunics with a couple of other colors added for variety, leather white leggings, and off grey pants with lbms decals fitting for the varangian guard attached to the shields. asking for 100 dollars which will include shipping. any one interested please email me at: i can add photos of the rest of the figures if needed. if one really would like these figures but cannot afford the asking price let me know i want a good home for these. i paint numerous miniatures for self enjoyment i only ask i make at least a small profit for my time if these can be truly be utilized and enjoyed by another i would be honored

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Welcome to the blog of all things 28 in metal

The intention of this blog is to hopefully provide a world of inspiration for all war gamers and collectors of wargaming miniatures. Nothing so encourages one than to gaze upon the work of others. 
Hopefully some of you can gain ideas for paint schemes for your own collections or see how different  
manufacturers miniatures look when painted up. Sometimes, one likes to view how an army can appear after it is painted up before one takes the plunge in purchasing. Other times what choice of colors for uniforms (especially when colors are open to interpretation for uniforms) or shield colors and designs for the ancient/medieval period can be used for assistance in the painting of ones own miniatures. This site will also contain miniatures for sale as I've been known to paint some miniatures 
just to see how they would look in the flesh with no real intention to game that period. I'm also open
to painting for others to the same standards as my miniatures have been painted. I have no set price 
just make me an offer of what you can afford to pay. Some of us have small disposable incomes and if my services can be used and you like my painting style I would be honored to assist just let me know I'm sure we can agree on something that works. Hope you enjoy the blog