Friday, September 28, 2018

Saxon Huscarls

    These are some Crusader Saxon huscarls I painted for fun... now posting to sell as I
have no intention to build a Saxon army...but beautiful miniatures they are. Price is 6 dollars
a piece ideally would like to sell them all for 144 not including shipping for those interested.

Spanish Scutarri

   These miniatures are a mix of both Crusader and A&A Punic era Spanish infantry. They
are some left over figures I had that I painted for someone else hence them being not based. I will be painting at least 50 plus additional miniatures as part of an ongoing project for this individual to build a Spanish army. Terrific figures they are both Crusader and A&A  and matching size wise identically. The Spanish were known for their white uniform look with contrasting hem colors. I'm not certain if he will want them all in white as I add figures
but they do look nice as such.