Sunday, April 17, 2016

Going forward

The main purpose of my blog is to share my ongoing collection of ancient thru dark age armies. I have been busy doing some commision work on an Mughal army which i have enjoyed painting very much and even had the opportunity to paint up some varangians for someone else. I plan on painting plenty more of the Mughals for those interested (the owner bases them thats why they are shown undone) but soon i will be posting both ancient/dark age pics. I am hoping to include my color selections for triads used and the miniatures will be based. These include some Republican Romans from Aventine (as well as some of their avar/steppe cavalry) and later Persian cavalry from Foundry/Casting room miniatures. It is my hope that not only some inspiration can be found, but also
some usefull info for color selection for both horse triads and uniforms for those who might be new to the hobby and looking for some helpfull direction. Until next time.

Indian Mughal infantry miniatures by wargames foundry. As part of an ongoing commision project i have added some infantry to go with the Mugal cavalry. In total i painted 36 of these miniatures. They are grouped into 3 groups of 12. The first group have a common red turban and sash to unify them as a unit and they are armed with sword. The second group are unified with a blue turban and sash and armed with muskets. The last group have no unifying color are armed with muskets and are actually supposed to be afgans. I am not an expert on on this period, for flesh tone i used vallejo flat brown (984) +orange brown (981) to establish a base color. I added more orange brown to lighten the flesh and finished off with lt. brown (929) mixed in for a final highlight. I was pretty happy with the result. As a general rule i make up my own triads from various paint manufacturers to achieve the results that i want. The vallejo works well for various flesh tones in my opinion. For white the options are many from using foundry (i prefer the austrian white triad over their artic white triad), to using reaper paints graveyard bone (9272) and splintered bone (9273) and add white. Another option is vallejo white grey and mix in hair of their light grey (990) or P3 underbelly blue for a base color. Then use the white grey and then in white. Blues and red most people im certain have found those colors easier to pick out sufficient triad colors that will work for them but am always willing to share combos i use for those if interested. For yellow like the turbans as pictured i tend to go with P3 paints using the ember orange + a hair of light red for a base coat. I then chose heartfire and finished with yellow as the last color