Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Steppe Nomads light cavalry

   Some recent additions to my Avar/Bulgar army. So far i have chosen to mix miniatures from Aventine, Gripping Beast, and Wargames Foundry to form the lighter cavalry. They all fit in size
wise and as always with my pics i have included several close up shots showing the miniatures in comparison to one another. The one manufacture not included so far is Old Glory which after the New Year some time i would like to include some of their designated miniatures they sell for both the Avars and Bulgars. Variety always looks great with a varied and non uniform looking force and i think the visual effect would be dramatic. As for numbers thinking about having around 70 miniatures each for the both the nobles and the lighter cavalry. The foot would be another 100.
So on to the pics
base on the left has aventine and gripping beast base on the right has gripping beast and foundry

both bases figure in front is foundry back figure is aventine

base on left gripping beast and aventine base on right foundry and gripping beast

reverse pic as the one two pics above.

group shot all mixed with hand weapons

group shot all armed with bow


all foundry

this pic and the next one below has one each of foundry and gripping beast on its base

left figure foundry right figure aventine

left figure foundry right figure gripping beast

left figure foundry right figure aventine