Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sassanian Cavalry for sale

  I have 8 extra figures that I do not need so I'm shopping them off for a home. The price
is 95 dollars which include shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Goths Infantry.

  The following  are models comprised from both Gripping Beast and Footsore miniatures.
Size wise they fit fine and both manufacturers provided excellent service to the states in
a timely matter. The Footsore models do require having their hands drilled out to attach
the weapons which I actually prefer. They dont break off so easily. I will be be adding to
these forces over the year for certain.

Sassanian Generals

   I have 3 command stands of commanders for my mounted force. Two of them are
Aventine models the other one is Gripping Beast. Note they are much bigger figures
than the A&A and Aventine models but are still quite nice in of themselves.

The middle stand are the Gripping Beast figures the other two Aventine

Sassanian Immortal Cavalry 2 unit

   This is the second unit that will comprise my Immortal Cavalry force. Again these are all
Aventine models. I can finally say mission accomplished. Nearly 160 mounted Sassanian
cavalry were painted it was both a very rewarding and a demanding task to finish but I
really like how they all turned out. Eventually I will post a collective pic of them all in a
group photo.