Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sassanian Clibanarii Units 3 &4

    I've added 2 additional units of Savaran cavalry representing the clibanarii type bringing
the total up to 4 units of 16. Again a mix of both Aventine and A&A miniatures. As mentioned under the cataphract post i do plan on adding some additional elite units
so these represent some of the last of the regular line cavalry I plan on doing. Currently
I have started in on some of the infantry before i paint up the mounted elites mostly for
the break as these miniatures have been somewhat tedious and time consuming to
paint up and looking for a small break. Overall I am very pleased with how both lines mix
and the appearance of how they all look in mass. Eventually when this army nears completion I will add group mass shots for those interested. However, as I have stated
before this blog is more about close up shots of individual miniatures for those who
would like to have ideas or inspiration for the painting of their own collections.

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