Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sassanian cataphracts

     The following are a mix of both Aventine & A&A miniatures. My intent is to either have
a single unit of 16 cataphracts or two units of 12. The difficulty of my decision lies in how
I want to represent some of the elite regiments of the Sassanian Savaran forces. I would
like to add two 12 figure units to represent the Javidan (for those unfamiliar these are
the most prestigious units of the savaran sometimes also referred to as the immortals).
The Javidan would of been very well equipped and I'm leaning toward fully armored riders
mounted on only frontally armored horses. The Sassanians also had the Pushtighbban
(life guardians) which numbered 1000 warriors and probably were a royal unit responsible
for the security of the Sassanian Spah. It is not my plan to represent this unit as of now.
Another elite unit was the Jan-separan (those who sacrifice their lives) that I might choose
to equip as a cataphract unit. If so then the unit below would be the single line unit of

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