Sunday, August 15, 2021

Varangian Guard

    These pics nothing special.....I have a unit of crusader Varangians that I am painting up for myself and I also painted up a few Gripping Beast Varangians for another person. I thought I would post some comparison pics of the two lines for any one who might be interested. The Crusader figures are the static at attention pose while the Gripping Beast are the more active ones. I did choose to go with an uniform purple coat for all the miniatures while the unit I am painting up for myself will have a variety of tunic colors while  the Gripping Beast figures I went with a scarlet tunic for all of them. Whether the Varangian Guard had an uniform appearance or not is doubt protecting the Emperor would of granted them first choice from the Byzantine armories it is no surprise they would of been well equipped with plenty of armor protection. Would this include uniforms? I personally have opted for a semi uniform look....the historical sources do record Varangians wearing scarlet tunics....why the Gripping Beast have been painted as such. I will include more thoughts when I finally finish my own unit of Varangians and have them based. 

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Gonsalvo said...

Looking good; my own Varangians (ancient Garrison figures) are deckled out in scarlet and pretty uniform.