Sunday, August 15, 2021

The order of St. Lazarus

     These are the last of the military orders I painted up for another individual collection of the Crusades. The total is 6 mounted knights and 6 mounted sergeants and same number of foot. I decided to only post pics of the mounted figures...for my own take of this order. Unlike the other military orders the recorded information on St. Lazarus is somewhat sparse in regards to their appearance with green being the color of choice for the cross depictions on their shields and perhaps a green cross on their clothing likewise. I chose an ivory color for the knights and a dark reddish brown for the sergeants. These colors are a simple deduction I made and most important they look nice. Pro Acryl paint line makes fantastic colors for Ivory....they are pigment dense and can handle a fair amount of thinning which is needed to apply several layers of paint to get the intended color (the unfortunate aspect of painting white related colors) but they go on smooth without any chalking appearance. I used the pale yellow and a touch of yellow ochre mixed in for the base coat then used the ivory, bright ivory with a final layer of white added in to the bright ivory to get the color I wanted for the Knights and their barding.  The green cross like lines I chose instead of adding various green crosses on the barding simply for the fact I thought it looked better. I still have another 20 individual knights to go to finish off the crusade project....light is at the end of the tunnel for this project. I have 150 Assyrians waiting to take their place when completed.


Gonsalvo said...

A very handsome Order, I'd say! Nicely done.

Oregon painter said...

Thank you very much….after the hospitallers, templars and Teutonic this was the next pick for the military order of knights for the crusades. For their appearance I never found any definitive statements for their dress and appearance….so went with what seemed plausible and most importantly that which would look nice for the table.