Sunday, September 19, 2021

Crusades part 4

    These will be the last of the Crusades project I have been painting for sometime now that I will post. Again, none of these are for me but painted on behalf of another individual who will provide the basing. Hopefully for those who are always looking for some ideas for colors, shield patters, or barding painting combinations there will be something of use in these to aid those interested. I know it became quite the challenge as I painted up somewhere in the ballpark of 75 different knights and wanting not ever to duplicate it can become quite challenging. 


Old Hollowcast said...

Live on a vineyard outside Corvallis. We collect and paint the same periods. Have hundreds I'll never paint. Drop by sometime when you are in the neighborhood! Scott-

Oregon painter said...

Thanks for the invite…when next I get that way…I’ll let you know