Sunday, December 6, 2020

Templar Knights

    The following figures are mostly Foundry with I believe some Footsore mixed in there. As with the other Crusade era figures these are not based the owner will provide his own. The total force comprises of some mounted knights, dismounted knights and mounted sergeants. The knights are painted in white with red crosses while the sergeants where clothed in darker colors usually black or dark brown. Red crosses were common to be seen and shield colors where predominately in black and white backgrounds. Lances were made from ash wood and do not appear to be painted over in other colors. The mounted knights had white and black barding with red crosses on the upper half. Many photos of the Templars I have seen online usually show white barding with red crosses but I went with the more in depth look which according to the Osprey book on the Templars was a common appearance.  As always I just included a sampling of the models I painted. I should mention I went with a slightly off white for these figures do give a slight variation from the Teutonic forces wherein I used a more pure white. Plus varying the white up helps delineate the habit from the cloak slightly as can be seen in the bottom pictures of the dismounted knights. 

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