Sunday, November 1, 2020

Black Sea Fleet naval Infantry

       My background is mainly rooted in various aspects of ancient and early dark age warfare and my personal painting of models reflect my interest in such periods. But as often the case I have a couple of individuals who I do paint for for other periods. I must confess it is sometimes refreshing to paint other periods for the challenge of doing so. One such person has a huge interest in the RCW period and I have already posted numerous pics of such models. These figures I am not certain of the maker (I need to ask and update) but wish to post for others who do have an interest in this time period. I cant vouch for the choice of colors used (he provided the information of what he wanted) for its actual veracity of appearance so if incorrect I apologize. Essentially, blue tunics, white pants, black footwear and black belting with leather pouches. The actual amount of models were more.....I just chose a sample to photo and the standard bearer figure he will provide the standard himself as well as the basing. One final note I went with Pro acryl paints on these...for both the blue tunics and white leggings a newish line of paint I believe and was quite happy with the results.

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