Sunday, February 9, 2020


     My main purpose with the blog is to mostly cover my main interest of ancient and dark age armies. However, in addition to collecting armies for my own personal collection I
often paint various ancient figures for enjoyment then sell them to those interested. Over
the past couple years many people who have bought those miniatures have asked could
I paint additional figures for them. I do enjoy painting as much if not more than collecting
them for myself so much of my time has become involved in doing various painting
projects for others for a fee. One individual I have over the last several months
painted numerous items for fantasy type armies and I have decided to post some pics
for those interested in that type of genre. Though outside the main focus of the blog
I like to post pics for reference points if others so care to use them for additional reference
ideas or inspiration. First up is a couple large monster type dragons being ridden
by dwarves. I did not nothing fancy with these figures....that is just straight painted them
not using any advanced techniques of complicated washes, blendings etc... as one could
spend a large amount of time on such a large figure with lavish detail. My focus was to
produce a nicely painted table top standard figure that looked nice in minimal time. I
was quite happy with the result.

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