Sunday, February 9, 2020


     I have painted numerous dwarves for this individual who provides his own basing and
I have included a pic of one the based figures he did.The most difficult thing with these
pics is metallic paint does not really photo well (or I dont know how possibly). I went with
his color scheme but I made the gold and silver metallic paint very bright I chose to use
reaper paints from their bone line. The pictures do not capture the true brightness of the
paint and in retrospect outside pictures in natural light would of been a better choice perhaps for taking these pictures. For those not familiar with the reaper line of paints
their latest offering has some very bright looking colors and an improvement over their
normal triad line for metallics. Cursed gold, dragon gold, dwarven gold along with blade
steel, adamantine and crusader silver I found quite nice. The other line of metallic paint
I like is scale 75 also and these two lines are mostly what I now use. 

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