Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sassanian Javidan (Immortals) Cavalry unit 1

   The Immortals known as the Javidan were the most prestigious of the elite units within
the Savaran of the Sassanian Spah. Recruitment came from the troops who had shown
superior fighting skill and valor on the battlefield and were used to set the example for
the rest of Savaran cavalry. These men would of been the best equipped with the best
armor of the entire Sassanian cavalry. My personal opinion is that if any troops of the
Sassanians had any appearance of uniform color it would be these units. For my choice
of table top presentation I went with miniatures that were more heavily armored almost
more of a Cataphract look to them. Why I choose this over using less armor but an
uniform choice of colors?  I just like the appearance they gave but either choice would of
worked. I have two units of 16 figures all Aventine and the pics below is the first of the
two units. My next post will include the other unit with mounted command stands. I
have painted nearly 150 plus probably the most work I have ever encountered of any
miniatures I have painted and I'm an certainly glad it is almost complete.

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