Tuesday, July 17, 2018

3rd Century A&A Middle Period Romans

        To oppose the Sassanians I went with not much to anyone's surprise Romans. There
are many periods one could choose (I intend to do all the periods) but for the middle period these would include the battles of Ctesiphon (233 CE), Misiche (244 CE), Barbalissos (253 CE),  Edessa-Carrhae 260 CE), and Galerius (295 CE).  Theres also the invasion of the
later Roman period as well as the wars against the early Byzantine empire to be covered at a later time. The battles I mention cover the time frame of the miniatures depicted below and some of them were quite large battles resulting in some horrendous losses and defeats for the Romans. Sometime in the future I hope to go into a little depth of these battles and some considerations for their representation on the table top. I plan on painting a largish
group of these 200 foot or so along with a large mounted contingent. They will suffice to
depict some of the campaigns and battles against the Goths during the time of 250-260CE
also. The figures are all A&A figures and quite easy to paint up. The helmets I spent extra
time on as they entailed the very deep napes and reinforced cross-pieces that were
used during this time period. Shields would of been mostly lightly dished oval shaped
but for at least this first unit I went with some variety (looked nice) of substituting some
rectangular shaped ones as well. The tunics painted as linen, pants a off blueish tone,
belts both a maroon for the heavier wider belt and leather color for the smaller ones.

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