Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Old Glory Bulgar & Avar light cavalry

   The following pics is a mix of Old Glory Avar and Bulgar light cavalry. I like the variety
these miniatures provide to my Steppe army and I have included a comparison pic to
both the Wargames Foundry Huns and Aventine Steppe Cavalry figures for anyone who
desires a comparison view. This unit brings the total of light cavalry to 48 figures and
I'm still undecided if I should add one more unit. Next month I will begin another unit
of the Steppe nobles to bring their numbers also up to 48 figures which will join the 160
Slavic foot.
 The four middle figures are Old Glory. To the right are Foundry Huns and on the left are     Aventine miniatures.

 Old Glory in the middle. Foundry on the right Aventine on the left.

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Mike B said...

Fantastic work!

Oregon painter said...

Thanks mike...I noticed recently gripping beast has released some Avar specific figures that like to add...with a few footsore Huns.