Sunday, February 21, 2021



      Second unit of Saxon foot that would of existed in England from 850's to its fall to the Normans. No real plan for these...that is....I plan to paint up roughly 32 at a time in between other projects with the intention of having some 10 units? 320 figures sounds like a good number to have but as I work through these I'm certain I will become more specific in my intentions. All the miniatures are made up from Foundry, Crusader and some Footsore. They do not yet include the latest round of releases that Footsore has recently done with late Saxons but I do plan on adding some. I did choose to add some mail figures representing some Thegns joining the Fryd to help stiffen them up. When I paint the Huscarls I will go with all mailed clad figures and use mostly the Crusader line.

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