Sunday, November 1, 2020

Mounted Knights Crusades

       Following figures are either Perrys or Footsore. The mounted bishop figure is a Footsore miniature and he was painted much like the figure on their website per the customer request. The other knights do not represent any order (I will be posting both knight templars and Teutonic Knights soon) I simply chose colors of the time with shield designs that I added by hand. Photos hard to capture correct transition of colors....white and yellow came out somewhat accurate; however, the black came out slightly exaggerated than what it really is. To achieve colors like white, black and yellow I always start with a base then with the paint fairly thinned with water I apply lighter and lighter layers to achieve the desired result. When doing large surfaces such as the horses barding about the only realistic way I have found myself able to achieve the desired results. I never do a simple wash nor a simple base, mid then final highlight application for such a large surface. As an aside note...with white I often vary the base color to achieve a different component of white (sometimes a brownish grey sometimes a brownish yellow for example) to add variety to the final look of the models. The difference between the mount knight and the bishop can be seen with that effect.

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