Friday, May 22, 2020

Steel Fist Knights

   Another commission project of figures I completed was a small group of Knights from
Steel fist miniatures. I have never seen nor heard of these miniature line before....however
I found them to be quite well done. I used my own choice of colors and chose a darker
armor look. I used Privateer press paint boiler black as the base coat and used a wash
by green stuff world wash ink black. The boiler black is a dark grey/silver metallic that
serves as a base coat for armor and chain mail. I use the black wash from Green stuff
(not their ink intensity set) as it is designed to settle in the recesses and does not really
saturate the surface color. Nice stuff actually....then dry brush steel over the chain mail
or build up on the plate armor surface. I used scale 75 for the armor....I did not choose
to zoom up with camera so close up detail not as sharp as desired.....bad decision and
my apologies

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