Sunday, April 23, 2017

LOTR The Elves

   The second half of the LOTR project is the Elves. They consisted of two parts the spearmen
and archers. The choice was made for a uniformed look which makes for a far quicker paint time. The spearmen went with a blood red tunic (pics show the red in bright light so appears lighter
 than they really are), purple cloaks and blueish metallic armor. For their shields went with a
dark red metallic color. The archers chose light blue tunics, sand colored cloaks with bright
silver armor. I also changed the lighting for my pics as i felt they were too dark,
these are certainly brighter  mabye to bright so something i will continue to work on.
Coming soon i will be posting both Sassanian Persian
cavalry and slavic foot for the steppe cavalry armies.

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