Sunday, November 29, 2015

crusader miniatures varangian guard for sale. for those interested the miniatures will be sent unbased their only positioned on these bases for ease of photo taking. i only included pics of a few but their all the same pose only difference is color of tunic and amount of armor being worn. they all have purple cloaks, mostly scarlet tunics with a couple of other colors added for variety, leather white leggings, and off grey pants with lbms decals fitting for the varangian guard attached to the shields. asking for 100 dollars which will include shipping. any one interested please email me at: i can add photos of the rest of the figures if needed. if one really would like these figures but cannot afford the asking price let me know i want a good home for these. i paint numerous miniatures for self enjoyment i only ask i make at least a small profit for my time if these can be truly be utilized and enjoyed by another i would be honored

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