Saturday, March 20, 2021

Italian mounted crossbow circa 1470

      Commission work therefore figures will be based by the owner. Not certain who the manufacturer of these miniatures are? The horses that were supplied are Gripping Beast sculpts but the riders I am not certain. The owner wanted them to resemble roughly the late 1400's time frame...I opted for a more polish armor look as compared to what one would have during the dark ages(armor always difficult to photo correctly) and went with some of more known colors of the period....yellow, green, red, blue, black and white. This time frame in Italy the uniforms were often varied and colorful and not necessarily uniformed (probably due to the high mercenary content of the armies) and the hoses worn on the legs could be multi colored. Soon (well soonish) I plan on posting some of the color choices I use for horses....I do not stick to one paint brand but for horses a lot of the paints I use are PS3 paints for various shades of brown. Not certain how popular this line is for miniature painters? but wanted to share my color combos that I use in connection with pictures. At any rate....

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